How It Works is an online platform which allows property owners to create a Florida Quit Claim Deed, with the option of adding a Florida Property Trust to protect their property and anonymity. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Answer Simple Questions

Our simple online questionnaires collect information and walks you through the decisions involved in creating your Quit Claim Deed (and Florida Property Trust if desired). The questionnaire allows you to name the current and new owners, describe the property, and select the appropriate type of deed for your situation.

Completing our Questionnaire is free! You only pay when you feel comfortable moving forward and understand the process.

Step 2

Confirmation, Pricing Selection, and Payment

Upon review of the Questionnaire(s), a representative will phone you to confirm your intentions. You will then select a Pricing Option to make payment for your desired services. Once payment is received, we will begin completing your documents as described in your Questionnaire(s).

Step 3

Make it Official

Once your documents are created, you will need to sign and notarize them.  Depending on the Pricing Package selected, we will either provide signing instructions or completely take care of the signing for you.  Once all documents have been executed, we record the Deed in the public records to complete the transfer.  You have now completed the process!